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  Forum  Discussions  MTC Voyager  The collection is intended to inspire hairdressers
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The collection is intended to inspire hairdressers  (N/A)
The legacy of the goddesses: they determined the mystical and earthly life of the world and at that time influenced the actions and actions of mankind. With "The Goddesses", the fashion directors of the Intercoiffure Artist Pool Europe created a fascinating, mythology-inspired trend collection, which is about the staging of modern goddesses.It is a tribute to the strong woman of today Intercoiffure Mondial Europa with the host countries Austria, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland is an impressive edition, characterized by modern opulence and intensity, whereby the unique looks reflect the characters of the different female deities in a modern version. every goddess patron stands for a style that emphasizes the individual beauty of its wearer. Different looks symbolize her traits: feminine gentle waves express the character of the goddesses of love and nature and meet the boundless emotions of the war goddesses, which were staged with wild curly hair.The collection is intended to inspire hairdressers all over the world to transfer these looks to their customers in their salons. It is also about encouraging women to love themselves as they are and to discover their own divinity.
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  Forum  Discussions  MTC Voyager  The collection is intended to inspire hairdressers

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