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Bikes-to-Trikes NW  --  VISIT
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Wed 11/21/2007 @ 06:48

Owned and operated by Dennis and Nola Bergman since August, 2006. Previous business owners in Spokane, Washington for 28 years.  After purchasing an InstaTrike2 kit for Nola’s 2005 Harley-Davidson Dyna LowRider, (as shown on home page under Bike To Trike), we were so impressed with the engineering, design, function and practicality of the kit, we contacted the factory about becoming a dealer for their products.


Brothers Of The Third Wheel  --  VISIT
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Tue 11/20/2007 @ 05:00

The Official Web Site Of Brothers Of The Third Wheel  


Burgman USA  --  VISIT
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Tue 11/20/2007 @ 04:58

Home of the world famous Suzuki Burgman Forum! With over 4000 members in over 28 countries...and growing daily! Have a question about your current or future Burgman? Search thru our 150,000+ postings in the forum.


Danson Trikes  --  VISIT
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Tue 11/20/2007 @ 04:53

Danson Trikes is dedicated to bringing you the stability of a trike, without compromising performance and great looks. The patent-pending, dual shock, extended frame design of the Danson Trike set it apart from others by offering a smoother ride, and a far better response in the turns. One ride on a Danson Trike and you will know the difference! It was designed and engineered by a lifetime rider, for lifetime riders. The Danson Trike Kit is handmade with pride right here in the U.S. It is easy to install and can be completed in an afternoon, or we can install for you. Give us a call or send us an e-mail today and find out why the Danson should be your next trike!


GL1800Riders Trike Forum  --  VISIT
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Wed 11/21/2007 @ 07:15

Welcome to the GL1800Riders web page. We have provided this space on the internet for you to share your thoughts and information with other GL1800 Riders, and to share the love of this awesome machine that Honda has created. This will be your web site. Tell us what information you would like to see here, and we will do our best to build it for you.


GWRRA's Trike SIG  --  VISIT
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Wed 11/21/2007 @ 02:56

GWRRA's Trike SIG message board. You may enter any of the discussions below by clicking on the appropriate link. Or click the "Start New Thread" link below to start a new discussion of your own.


MTC Voyager  --  VISIT
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Tue 11/20/2007 @ 04:56

Mild to Wild in Minutes! - Voyagertrike, Voyager Trike, Motorycle Conversions, Trikes


Side Effects  --  VISIT
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Wed 11/21/2007 @ 02:45

We have been curing steering problems on sidecar rigs and trikes for almost forty years and have become the worlds leading authority on steering conversions. Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide are enjoying their rides without having to struggle with heavy steering, wobbles or pulling. "Just like power steering" and "should have done this years ago" are favourite comments. We offer several types of conversions depending on the motorcycle brand/model. The STEERITE triple tree system allows us to receive your existing trees and modify them to reduce trail. We have also developed systems for motorcycles requiring a different approach to reducing trail. We market these as kits called LEADING LEGS which simply fasten to the sliders on your fork to reduce trail.


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Wed 11/21/2007 @ 02:59



Suzuki Canada  --  VISIT
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Tue 11/20/2007 @ 04:59

Suzuki Canada website


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